Monday, February 22, 2010

Damn it!

Charlene left the frick'n "Bucket of Memories" on the plane! The trip is totally ruined!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Ugly American

Apperently our flight from Auckland to Fiji has been delayed because jerk face American packed a bottle of camping butane in his checked luggage. What a clown!

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Can't leave NZ with out .... least one more chincie tourist attraction. And boy did we save us a good one. We visited the sheep farm outside Matamata that was used for the set of Hobbiton in the LoTRs movies. Pictured above is the view from Bagg End, with pond, large tree, and "party field". Pretty cool actually.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010 in English

We just had the greatest two days. We went hiking into abel tasmen on the north coast of the south island. Stayed overnight on a hostel located on a boat. Jumping off the roof of the boat into the water was mandatory, and bre, bryant and myself were more than terrified to join in. It only took us about 40 minutes to convince ourselves that we would not die...and as evident by this posting, at least you know that I am still alive. Unless, of course, brad is ghost texting this in. But due to the absence of chatter about female bits, you can guarantee that it is just me.

The next morning we got up bright and early, and kayaked all day along the coast of abel tasmen. We flipped at one point, and were able to right ourselves and when we popped back up there was a seal on top of the kayak. and a sea of unicorns and rainbows behind us.

Shenanigans were afoot at the end of our journey, but that is a story for another time...

see y'all soon!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Ok, I have been pretty critical of the NZ them last few days. They nickel and dime you for Internet access, and they have no idea what drip coffee is. BUT they have THIS. It is pretty much what it says. NZ$5 which is about $4(US). A bargin! So this entry is mixed, it's a WTFNZ? and "heart"UNZ.

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iPhone Pictures

Here's are some pictures I've taken with my iPhone.

I ordered a tea (for me) and a milk (for Bre). I think she was hoping for a whole glass

View from the car as we drove the east side of the South Island to the west side.

Hiking up a mountain to see a glacier

The glacier!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fox Glacier

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Kiwi's are all about safety and PSAs. This was on the wall of a NZ mensroom. Huh, The More You Know!

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The begining of the endnz friend I met in Ireland 2 years ago!
Crazy crosswalk, wtf nzBiohazard Russ! arriving in Auckland on the first day

First Bar!

Creepy hops

Took headshots for this company before I left, looks like they have a location in Auckland!

Our first night in the kiwi hotel in Auckland

Goodmorning you are lovelly

Christchurch, lunch



Rice Bubbles, wtf nz?

Woodland Fairies

Bre & Bry's first successful in their hamock tent.

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Auther's Pass

First LoTRs looking crap we see on the east side of Auther's Pass, on the South Island

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First day with rental car, 1:34pm and we see SHEEP!

.....1:39pm ....uh ....more sheep!

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Monday, February 8, 2010


Caesar Salad with bacon AND a fried egg! WTF NZ?!


Introducing our new theme, WTF NZ?!

More to come!

In nz

We made it with little to no shenanigans. Breanna got us kicked out of a bar already, she just can't be trusted with the locals. I told her that dancing on the bar would be frowned upon but she did it anyway. It didn't help that Bryant got a concussion while trying to manuver through the upside down lamps that hung from the ceiling.

Three pitchers into the next venue. Keep u posted.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The fiasco has begun

Fact: It is not good idea to ask for a plastic bag to put your backpack in so the straps don't get broken because you borrowed the backpack and don't want to return it busted.

Result: The air pacific lady will sternly tell you to go stand in the corner, and then yell at you for doing it wrong, and then demand that you poke a hole in it so the baggage claim sticker is out, sort of negating the purpose of said bag.

Also, my mom called and told me
1. To not make bryant cry like I made thom cry in ireland
2. that i am the devil

Sidenote: thom didn't actually cry as much as give the conley clan the silent treatment for two days.

peace out

Airport Bar

Team Conley is Airportbar! Waiting to board Pacific Air 811, LAX - NAN(Nadi, Fiji)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 4 to whatever day it is now

Day 4 Wellington to Picton to Milford and a bunch of other stuff
We made it to the ferry terminal with our car at 7:30, a full hour before departure as we were instructed to do. So once we parked the car in the hull and headed to the passengers quarters. Clearly there is a section of the ship that is most desired and that is the reclining chair section. I find it incredibly interested that I find myself rocking and roiling along with out a partivular place to go. THE SHIp was finer, than a whiner dinner.
I feel one with this coputer, it speasks to me, I am still on the Mitre Peak which was so small we felt everything and that is how I feel right now, I'm still rolling get swirled and get stuck. I can;t get out of these swells
This computer is makeing it hard to write...I MUST PERSIST
We had to sswitche3d our car out becase our brakes would sqwuuueeeel and crunch so I thight thsi is not safe once at piction they hookd us upo in a new car and it was splendid until we heard a very loud whistle indeed! How annoying....couldn't have it. We suffered with out TOyota Banshee all the way to GORE bAY WHERE WE CAMPED. CAMPING WAS WONDERFUL AND dOUG was a tough one to follow, Local Doug liked to talk and he definitely like to pretend he didn;t have a home. Nice Chap, that fellow! Fromthere we headed Oamaru to get a tasty sample of Whitestone Creamery known all over this small sleepy New Zealand town. The cheese was spectacular with all of it's fruity notes, some nut stuff and the stinky ones were good too. THe only thing strange about these dudes is that they had pictures up all over of the cast of Scrubs, yeah the television show. Janitor wrote you cheese give me special power. Dr. Cox wrote something that sounded like Dr.Cox. blblbllllaaaalalaldladldl.]\
Off to the i-sites so Shaun can ask a bajillion questions (which by the way has created an amazing itinerary so far. Go see penguis for $$$$, we said no. We did hike up round one of the peninsulas in the hopes we would see a elephant. No luck they were all gone for the day. It would have been great to see a whale! Got bored went to find the Moeraki Stones. SHaun had an intimate discourse between himself and an Italiano a were taken, vibes were connected it was magical. THe stones are round and suck in the sand and they're supposed to be worth a visit? Next up was penguins, yellow eyed penguins to be exact. We saw 2!!! That's all you need because we saw them for free. and there;s only like 300 left in the world! THey are gorgeous so I will buy a postcard.

Shoot, I've just been told that we went to Christchuch before Oamaru. Nothing happened in Christchurh but I don't want you to be confused. Actually we had to exchange our car again in Christchurch because there was friggin hole in the floorboard underneath the from passenger. At one point sShaun wasnted to know why his bag was soaked, the response from the car was "why are you so a]upset, isn't that a good thing?) There was an inch of standing water in the car so it had to be switched.

No we are car #3 heading to dunedin. Dunedin is the coolest town we found so far, it's a hip happening (and if the loud assed middle aged german women next door would put a carrot in it I could finish) colloege town. We ate some pizza, New Zeaoand pizza is pretty crumby but it is affordable, and green peppers here are call capsicum like in India. After dinner I crashed while Steven and Shaun did their own thing. One of which was go to the casino. Upon arriving at the front doors they were thoroughly shooted down by the security forces that NO JANGLES ARE ALLOWED. I would laugh, what;s a jangle = flip flops of course! THey came home and went to bed,

Left dunedin to go golfing, would have cost us about $60 to pplay on one on the nicer courses in NZ but it was old flolks day so no go.In it's place we went to tunnel beach, wait until you see the picture of this it was phenominal. Partly because I wasn;t expecting much partly becase it's phenominal. It was a wicked uphill walk but I did it because "I'm a man!"

We went to a bakery for lunch to get some meat pies and sandwiches. I quite literally had the best chicken club sandwich I ever had in my life! I preceded it with a homemade Zinger (which she had no idea what a zinger was so we were joking back and forth until she told she didn;t know what a twinkie was! Conversation over) Masada bought a meat pie of mutton. A local walking by saw what he was doing, stopped and offered to talk him through the ordeal. Masada was about to go in for his second bite when the local said "WHoa there mate, you'll want to turn that thin upside down first" Masada was perplexed as to why he should do this but he decided to go with the flow litterely because 4-5 tablespoons of pure mutton oil came streaming out all over the sidewalk. I think if had not done this he would have visited the porcelin god more than twice.

After Green Island we drove, pretty much straight through to Te Anau, slept amongst the deer at a place called Barnyard Backpackers. After chech in we went for happy hour at "The Moose". There are no mooses in New Zealand. Had a couple drinks and searched for internet. Then we stumbled on "the RancH" and pretty nice resturants whose happy houjr started after the Moose hh. I had the best rump steak I've ever had in my life. Went back to camp and played cards because Shaun and Steven still think they can beat me. Last game I had 530, Shaun had -90 and Masada had -120, that's a good ol'fashioned Tech stompdown.

Got to bed and immediately tried to gas out our fourth roommate, with the addition of a prime time teeth knasher no man could sleep the night with us! He moved to a different bunk the next day.

Today was Milford Sound but this Ambien is kicking in and I can't take the ship rocking anymore....

Milford was spectacular, no time to write about it here, leave it for another blog post. I will post some pictures on my facebook page if you want to see some crummy iPhone pics.

We are about to head to the Kepler track for four days in the bush. See you guys then!

Sorry for all the misspellings...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Bryant and I leave Friday for the beginning of our adventures to New Zealand and Fiji yayaya! First we're are staying the night in Los Angeles to catch up with some of my photo school buddies. In preparation for our trip we decided to get scuba certified so we can dive in Fiji. We're actually doing our confined dives and classroom part of the certification here and we will be doing 4 open water dives in Fiji to complete our certification. Once you get certified you are certified for life! I'm very excited about our future dives with friends who are also certified. Maybe us getting certified will inspire even more to do it! It really is amazing. It's like you're a super hero because you can breath under water. It blows my mind the marine life that's out there that you don't really think about day to day but when you're under water with them it's like being on another planet! I will take lots of pics with my crappy disposable camera for you all to see :)

There are 7 of us total on our trip! 3 guys in our group are already there, hence the previous post. Bryant and I plus my sister and her buddy Russ are all flying out on Sat the 6th at 9:30pm. Then our flight is almost 11 hours long and we travel through time and arrive at 5:15am on Monday the 8th?! Crazy right! Then we're there for a couple hours till our flight to NZ which is only a 3hr flight. We will be in NZ for 11 days filled with shenanigans and adventure. From there we go back to Fiji for 3 days! There's nothing I love more than traveling and meeting new people!!! This will Bryants first time out of the country and I have the feeling he'll never want to come back. Keep checking back to see photos and what trouble we get ourselves into!