Sunday, February 14, 2010 in English

We just had the greatest two days. We went hiking into abel tasmen on the north coast of the south island. Stayed overnight on a hostel located on a boat. Jumping off the roof of the boat into the water was mandatory, and bre, bryant and myself were more than terrified to join in. It only took us about 40 minutes to convince ourselves that we would not die...and as evident by this posting, at least you know that I am still alive. Unless, of course, brad is ghost texting this in. But due to the absence of chatter about female bits, you can guarantee that it is just me.

The next morning we got up bright and early, and kayaked all day along the coast of abel tasmen. We flipped at one point, and were able to right ourselves and when we popped back up there was a seal on top of the kayak. and a sea of unicorns and rainbows behind us.

Shenanigans were afoot at the end of our journey, but that is a story for another time...

see y'all soon!


  1. so glad you saw the unicorn. I saw one in Mexico when I also overturned in a kayak. new club
    did bryant and bre get my post on the danger of flying and diving too close together. are you with s and brady

  2. yes got it we're ok we talked to our scuba instructor and there is enough time between the two. Thanks for thinking of us! lol (lots of love in mom language <3) breeeeeeee

  3. so glad - snow storm in area and all closed down
    professor at ua - shot other professors in huntsville. glad you are having fun. love you all m