Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Bryant and I leave Friday for the beginning of our adventures to New Zealand and Fiji yayaya! First we're are staying the night in Los Angeles to catch up with some of my photo school buddies. In preparation for our trip we decided to get scuba certified so we can dive in Fiji. We're actually doing our confined dives and classroom part of the certification here and we will be doing 4 open water dives in Fiji to complete our certification. Once you get certified you are certified for life! I'm very excited about our future dives with friends who are also certified. Maybe us getting certified will inspire even more to do it! It really is amazing. It's like you're a super hero because you can breath under water. It blows my mind the marine life that's out there that you don't really think about day to day but when you're under water with them it's like being on another planet! I will take lots of pics with my crappy disposable camera for you all to see :)

There are 7 of us total on our trip! 3 guys in our group are already there, hence the previous post. Bryant and I plus my sister and her buddy Russ are all flying out on Sat the 6th at 9:30pm. Then our flight is almost 11 hours long and we travel through time and arrive at 5:15am on Monday the 8th?! Crazy right! Then we're there for a couple hours till our flight to NZ which is only a 3hr flight. We will be in NZ for 11 days filled with shenanigans and adventure. From there we go back to Fiji for 3 days! There's nothing I love more than traveling and meeting new people!!! This will Bryants first time out of the country and I have the feeling he'll never want to come back. Keep checking back to see photos and what trouble we get ourselves into!


  1. Outstanding Bre! So happy for you. Be careful. There are some dangerous aspects to diving and some dangerous critters amidst all the beauty.

    BTW, have you been taking grammar lessons? I never saw such a well constructed and spelled piece of work from you. :)

    Keep it up.

  2. OH MY GOD.

    I am glad you sent me this blog, now I can live vicariously through you.

    ...because I am here, STILL, in Santa Barbara, wishing I was in FIJI.

    Wow, fun times for you. Maybe you can take a picture in front of Hobbiton for me :)

    ...I'm only half kidding.

    Miss you Bre! Hope you and yours have an amazing time (duh, it's New Zealand, how can you not?)